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8. (March 1, 2023) Invite Beta Test is excited to announce its first ever Beta Test. Select users will be invited to provide feedback

7. (December 30, 2022) Augmented Reality has built on its last technical milestone and turns 3D object files in AR files

6. (November 30, 2022) 3D Objects Using Photogrammetry has successfully completed an important technical phase using phone cameras to create 3D objects.

5. (October 22, 2022) Platform as a Service completes its proof of concept via iOS and Android applications

4.(April 4th, 2022) Creation of the Explainer Video Begins explainer video begins to take place in development, demonstrating an MVP.

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3. (March 5th, 2022) Development on the MetaMine platform begins

Development of the company application begins, scope of software stack and integration take place.

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2. (February 24th, 2022) Website of the company go live website and content of the company vision go live.

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1. Company Founded

Co-Founders got together and started MetaMine in December of 2021.

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